RHO Strategery

This page is for our current overall strategy.

Comments are for questions or suggestions about the strategy.



Our primary enemy is MARS on maps 22, 11 and 21.  Our main focus is on 22 where we are strongest, with 11 being an additional front and a minor force on 21 as an irritant.

Some Mars players are always online, however 1600-1800 game time on weekdays seems to be a down time for them when none of their heavy hitters are around.  Because of this, that time is generally the best time for large coordinated attacks on Mars bases and this is what we are trying to do.

We have had problems with Mars spies being in our alliance.  This allowed them to see all of our units and troop movements, as well as see our chat and know where we were going to attack.  For this reason we have moved our combat chat to Skype, and hopefully to the Combat Chat section on this site.


Map 22

long term objectives:

Gain bases in the north to ensure that the highway to 12 stays open and to make travel from 12 safer

Secure the east side of map to be ready when they shift their primary focus east, and to continue to expand strategically westward

Mars is trying to clear us from the west side of the map, and there is not much we can do to prevent it

short term objectives:

785:560 and 800:535.  These are in a good location in the middle and if both are taken should be a strong defensive position

Bases in the south east:  Farook holds most of the bases in the south east of the map (20+), if we can take all bases up to his he can provide a buffer and secure southern flank for us.


Map 11

long term objectives:

Stay alive on map

reconnect our groups of bases so we aren’t cut off

Gain a helo base

Gain bases near highways to 12 / open highways to 12

Mars is focusing on 11 current, and cut our bases in half by taking 2 bases in the middle of our group

short term objectives:

Hittank base 930:305 to get someone an easy base on map



Map 21 objectives:

stay alive on 21

be a pain in the ass to Mars

gain as much resources as possible for eventual full invasion of 21

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