Unit Information

Unit information is vital to playing this game.  Knowing how units interact and the use and worth of every unit is crucial.

I recommend everyone read this:  http://help.alpha-wars.com/?a=units



-Units will automatically target the enemy unit that they are specialized for.  As an example, if you attack an enemy unit of MLRS’s with a unit of Centauros and Apaches, the MLRS’s will target whichever unit is in range first.  If the Centauros are in range first, they will be targeted, but as soon as the Apaches get in range the MLRS’s will change target to them.

-SAMS are specialized against units that have special base attack.  So if you are attacking a base with Panhards and Leopards the SAMS will always target the Panhards.

-APCs are the number 1 target for SAMS.

-Patriots act like SAMS and have the same target priority.

-Units will not switch targets until the first target is dead except when:

the previous example of a higher priority target coming in range.

the target moves out of range.

-Vehicle anti-aircraft:  for all vehicles that are not specialized anti-aircraft vehicles (Rocket Wheel Tanks and MLRS) they will only fire at aircraft with machine guns, which have an attack of 10 or 20.

-Highway usage:   using highways costs fuel.  For every unit that you send to a different map there is a fuel cost on the Map where the unit started.

The formula for fuel cost is:   fuel usage of the unit per-second x 10,000.

Additionally, 20% of the fuel cost to the map of origin is credited to the destination map.

So 1 Panhard costs 100,000 fuel to send to a different map.

The easiest way to figure out how much fuel it is going to cost is take the fuel usage of 1 unit and multiply it by how many units are in that squad, then add 4 zeros.

Example:   you are sending 8 MLRS’s from map 1 to map 2.  MLRS use 50 fuel.  So 50 x 8 = 400.   add 4 zeros you get 4,000,000.

it would cost you 4,000,000 fuel on map 1 to send 8 MLRS to map 2 and you would get 800,000 fuel on map 2.

For Airplanes the formula is different.  For airplanes its: fuel usage of the unit per-second x 1,000


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